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Chinese painting and calligraphy of liu haisu art is treasure of Chinese oil painting

Chinese painting and calligraphy of liu haisu art is treasure of Chinese oil painting
Liu haisu as modern Chinese outstanding master of art, the art of loyalty, persistent and unremitting exploring spirit, throughout the life course. As his entrepreneurial spirit in the field of art education, his art also highlight the surface yong as the now, alone off him, beyond the ordinary special character. Discrepancy between Chinese and western, through ancient and modern art, the art of innovation throughout his life career. His paintings, and early is given priority to with the newcomer, founded in Shanghai MeiZhuan when he beginning and light, Zhang Yuguang friends all in western sketch method for real skill training content, set painting branch also in black and white picture (brush strokes) as the main course. He is very appreciate the impressionist after work and study were carried out. Qiu dong season in 1921, he went to Beijing and pay CAI yuanpei, for CAI drew a sketch, and drew the "front door", "Great Wall", "the temple of heaven", "north sea" and so on 36 paintings sketch drawings, CAI yuanpei see after very happy, personally created the painting for him, and at home and abroad are from preface, fully affirmed its artistic exploration spirit: "late Liu Jun art, it is tend to impressionism. He designed like description outside light, his art is pure natural, intuitive faithful describing feelings about nature, the individual character very deeply, so he is on line, the structure, are full of natural emotion. His personality is very strong, can see everywhere in his works. He has a strong performance for colour and line, two commonly used extremely albedo on colour tone structure, each line also is very pure very vivid appearance, and those skills, fine fiber women are completely different. He is always not decorate, not exaggerated, with his works analysis, it can be seen everywhere he always walks own road, express themselves to express emotions. You will know that he made, not restrict by scheduled. So Liu Jun art of success, or is there." (1) the xidan arched ", "the temple of heaven" and so on not only represents the artistic achievement of his early years, have laid the foundation of his painting career. Creation of Chinese painting in 1924 "said the child's tomb", is a fine painting set a milestone for China. , he is in a vigorous and pungent ink, bold expression showed the viewer is rich Oriental aesthetic twitters and fresh ink state of a brand new image. After art master fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo see hin for the inscription: "wuzhong literature never dies, the sea color skylight interpretation of the entrance of the tomb. Rapid cold, day the wind gusts. Millet painted the sea, a god." (2) CAI yuanpei said: "an extraordinary scenery like early spring, the old tree if tooth to beat people. Want to is the autumn urging chestnut feeling, don't teach turn pregnant new nostalgia." Liu haisu positively the innovation in the pen and ink. The painting's success has been achieved after his trial, constant scrutiny, he first drew a painting sketch, oil painting after memories for life on the basis of lenovo, the last to draw out the deep artistic conception, outstanding new works of Chinese painting. The quality of the fine arts in art alone made bold, also demonstrated in his another masterpiece of traditional Chinese painting "JiuXi 18 jian". This painting in April 1926, when he rate MeiZhuan students to go to hangzhou sketches, deep JiuXi 18 jian of the haze, to master and rich historical intrinsic inspired him as the outpouring of artistic impulse, paper, picking up the shop in the vehement providing instant start to smoke tree blurred, outstand its transformation, cliffside spring surges, the excellent state of bubbling brook. After Mr Guo moruo see al Jefferson and improvisational chanting songs to the question: "odd painting art traitor courage is big, BieKaiQiJing. Put pen to paper, such as the Yangtze river, xing to often deceives creature. The figure JiuXi 18 jian, the JunXian? What about the memory spur mountains into the bosom, rush to under the wrist but. Over the old man should be a smile, smile to say I'm lonely. Rumors zi qi becoming, reason often boast all alike. Art origin avoid monotony, through complex curve is good for." (3) guo moruo in the poem he was highly praised by the "imitating the nature", "pen and ink when over time" realism creation attitude and spirit with the spirit of innovation. Harmony, the west of west of xingzhong, make liu haisu experience into a generation of fusion of Chinese and western masters. Throughout a fine life art creation practice, it is not hard to see in the 1950 s of cardinal significance. But prior to that, he is also a traditional Chinese painting, oil painting creation is the main body, this time he looks at west of zhongshan, in the west, most of the oil painting in his life is the creation of this period. His works of post-impressionist conducted more thorough research, his oil painting color thick strong, pen with cheng du jin jian, its pen strokes and clear reference to the Chinese painting method, pentium rolling rich distinctive rhythm, has a strong Chinese style. 50 s after he moved to be focused "western body with", "borrow" in west melting art practice. His creation in 1978 of "lotus yuanyang" figure, can saying is the clever combination of color and ink: bold and generous use of colour, with thick beautiful bright red, pink lotus, lotus leaf with ink spilled, following with powder green penetration, simple sense is very dignified, two mandarin duck under the lotus, azurite, HeGong, ink directly to sketch a halftone, beaming in do not break elegance, with and without appearance in the natural and graceful, is a representative.
 After a fine old age (80 s) or as a color method, coloring increasingly heavy, heavy and Zhang Daqian "clear" style of splashing color comparison method, his style is all the more dignified, has painting means but do not break the style and spirit of Chinese painting, such as sight wonders of huangshan, huangshan figure, "green longtan autumn", "stand bolt upright a precipice" and so on, are all over the color choice. Liu haisu poured in his later years of huizhou can be said to represent the artistic exploration achievements of his life, this is in Chinese learning as the base, with painting (mainly oil) as medium, in life as the source, in calligraphy for bone, give priority to with delicate, based on the spirit, created a "atmosphere, gas" style force, the era of outstanding works of Chinese paintings, he is sent to a generation of fusion master the status of the art scene, never go down. Mr Shao Dazhen to comment: "liu haisu art works of Chinese paintings have three characteristics: one is the traditional deep foundation. He has a study of traditional literati paintings, oil painting for sale has a strong ability of calligraphy show, are free to express their feelings with heavy ink; 2 it is to pay attention to the sketch and observing nature, to be able to constantly draw inspiration of creation from the nature. In his later years in huangshan mountain for many times, each time to write a new impression, new feeling, works do not fall convention; 3 it is the fusion painting methods, to adapt to the modern visual and psychological aesthetic demand, to meet the needs of modern environmental decoration. His works have the overall effect, and details of the United States, and local stand far, also stand up to close look, his painting style self-enclosed, has a strong, distinct personality." (4) the reason why liu haisu made great artistic achievements, the key is never satisfied, and an unyielding spirit of diligence, he often said his every creation, every piece of work is "liu haisu liu haisu" in a battle, the sincere attitude towards art, continuously exceed the fighting spirit of self serving, down. Liu haisu life favourite huangshan, life the most important work is how to huangshan as his subject, can say is the source of the sea millet art, huangshan sea millet add artistic connotation to huangshan. From huangshan journey for the first time in 1918 to 1918, the tenth step into Huang Yue, span 70 years, almost include the liu haisu art of life practice.
The feat of huangshan alone for 70 years and ten, has broken all previous dynasties artist dian record. The huangshan mountain as the subject of his works, including sketches, drawings, paintings, Chinese paintings, total spectacular. He manifested in his ten step into constantly climbing, constantly transcend the character of the spirit, more admirable, as enlightenment. Here think of liu haisu ten on the experience of huangshan rather than a contrast analysis on the development of art, slightly more it is not hard to see the mysteries of the sea corn artistic growth. From 1918 to the national liberation, liu haisu board the huangshan mountain 5 times, in this time period left a number of drawing sketch manuscript and painting sketch, albums, the space is relatively small, although art characteristics, but is not strong. This paragraph of time is just fit for his artistic creation of the first half, the characteristic is hcapc is given priority to, in order to study oil painting, although also have a passion for over and art, but has not been formed in the creation of Chinese paintings on the whole, comprehensive, stable and distinctive style, should be regarded as growth period. The national liberation, liu haisu huangshan's legendary 6 post in 1954. Trip to huangshan this time don't make sense, when all encountered landscape Li Keran, and Li Keran is a revolution in my own career, namely by sketching activity, in the form of "nature" to transform Chinese painting system, content and painting, Li Keran life's artistic achievement is based on this period. Liu haisu to students of the former, the achievements of today's fellow high esteem, often in sketch, chang theory of art. In 1988, he made a painting on the black tiger loose words way: "on the ten Li Keran huangshan pine and draw black tiger, in the summer of 1954 and can be dyed to black tiger loose and west sea, discussion, seize the day not to be forgotten. This can be dyed has its own style, become everybody, panasonic have, in a hurry of 34 years." From the point of art, Liu Li each are not identical; From the temperament, two people are also different. But in the artistic creation attitude orientation and to the life, the understanding of the nature concept theory, they are quite consistent. Liu haisu six on the 50 s of huangshan, it is the new China have things to do, the newborn country, united, race to the top of s, he was encouraged by the spirit of the new era, with full enthusiasm, positive and vigorous custom oil painting creativity consciously for his leap in art, art of his life important shift is happening in this period, also can be treated as development. Liu haisu again on mount huangshan is in the 80 s. In 1980, in 1981 he was seven, eight, huangshan at this time of he is already more than eighty - year - old man, his art also ushered in the new spring in the new era. Huangshan, he created a great number of splash-ink splashed color figure, also from places sketch, subjective ingredients increased significantly compared with the past works, pay attention to mental description and artistically express; Style pen "bone method" to the center line of building bone, in ink or splashing color shading to rhyme, the uninhibited, often made of brain wave ink, imposing manner to deprive a person is "ink gas containing free wet", "before the gas has been swallowed by pen". Has really works at this time on behalf of his artistic style, can be said to be the art practice and his life experience the natural result of - "painting all old men", "fruition. Should be mature.
In 1982, liu haisu nine on the huangshan mountain, still created a large number of traditional Chinese painting oil painting, art further ascension, is "old gradually ripe, more old more familiar". As a creator of liu haisu never FuLao, painting in the topic, "in August 7th", said he was still young, just work hard. In July 1988, the tenth on liu haisu huangshan, huangshan on realized his ten wish, also finished his life artistic exploration course, climbing on the art of "tiandu feng". Liu haisu on ten almost 2 months of huangshan, sketching, painting ceaseless, often be excited by rapidly changing sea of clouds wonders of huangshan, his deep feeling ground say: "I love huangshan, paint tiandu feng has for many years, it changes and changes, become dozens of times a day, endless changes...... every time I come to have a new understanding, every time is a never-ending painting paintings." Huangshan sea of clouds and the changes to the liu haisu art inspiration, liu haisu forever "change" to the creation of the infinite new huangshan; Ten in huangshan, every innovation, realize the leap of art and ideology and with reduced to a natural mechanism. Liu haisu creation spirit and the natural wind by conjunction of huangshan, herself. Huangshan celebration on "ten" on, liu haisu about seventy years, with the love of huangshan reviewed: "huangshan is my former teacher, today I'm huangshan friends." Life of liu haisu is assiduous, unremitting exploration and pursuit, the rise of life, his open artistic concept, make public the artistic personality under the forever "change", make his art has the strong national flavor and unique personality characteristics, become an excellent representative of painters in the 20th century in China
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