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Around 2000 more zhejiang private capital into oil painting art market

Around 2000 more zhejiang private capital into oil painting art market
Boom, with the last round of contemporary family portrait painting art after someone quit, southern industrialists wealth with financial storm this year to much. Approach is a trend of diversification, the international countries such as southeast Asia, the Middle East, Canada, the Nordic businessman and investor, the domestic, the northeast, xinjiang, henan, shanxi, Beijing and other wealthy people such as "the rich" and Shanghai is still a main market, become the important work of the purchaser. This year from 50000 to 200000, from 50000 to 200000 the main clinch a deal to become a market price range. Masterpieces from the current situation, the price does not poor situation will continue, this and collectors from the mainland generally in the early stages of collection, in rate is much higher than selling rate.
Many people believe that the domestic stock market and the art market reciprocal relationship, that the weakness of the stock market will attract art investment gathered themselves together, and that in this year's market performance is not obvious. Look from the economy as a whole to resist the ability of the storm, the next three to five years in the new round of art investment boom, due to funding way is narrow, the couple portrait painting art market is still can make a lot of money, and its diversification risk safe haven status will not change. Collectors in southeast Asia and the Middle East for contemporary ink painting especially edgy ink sought to assert that their appreciation of the "original" huge space remains upbeat.
"More and more shows the context of Chinese contemporary art, pioneering and innovative attitude" sotheby's, jr said. Collectors are cultural continuity of Chinese contemporary art and creative features, many customers like Chinese contemporary new ink painting works, love of Chinese culture and history continues to guide their collection. Contemporary Chinese ink painting is on the path of internationalization, with the strength in the fight against world class top art. Opportunity and risk coexist, see who has a good eye. Eventually become winners in the storm, not talking about the crisis, also panic without the Lord's people, but has begun to action." This is a Chinese expert gives us confidence
investment institutions, collectors and domestic energy boss is still a major collection customers
2008, China's contemporary art market is oil painting adjusted, and turmoil oil paintings as financial turmoil intensified, the price of water in the oil painting art market is accelerating drain, difference between advantages and disadvantages of art. The present value is more reasonable, adjust the mentality, adjust the collection structure, is art the real collector needs to be done
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