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Modern oil painting technology accounts for how much? Good picture and idea what does light or heavy?

Modern oil painting technology accounts for how much? Good picture and idea what does light or heavy?
Recently, the nearly 80 - year - old painter JinShangYi in vermeer "regards", in the exhibition shows the fear with a pearl earring "new Dai Erfu special scenery" and the old street of Dai Erfu "three original copy vermeer and appeared to be intended to re-examine classic, in the face of contemporary new, cause the extensive concern of YouHuaJie, fine arts. Show interesting places, not only lies in the JinShangYi vermeer "across time and space displacement" the characters in the original, more importantly, the old man "brave" to open the online discussion, let netizen "voice", and launched the digital picture album, the cheng invited the art lovers and attract interest in the whole society, is not a "trick" of popular culture, but the prompt our oil painting of the old type in the information era is the value of the field of fine arts, and thus triggered a series of art ontology, the respect such as technology and creative thinking.
A good picture and a bunch of ideas, what does light or heavy?
Painting the rise in the west, flourish in an old type in the west, since the middle of last century severely challenge, "painting" death, "the end of art". Western art began painting as a conservative or backward "pronoun", and the device, image and new media art as the pronunciation of "time". This trend and art with various strong ideas to try, also introduced into China since the late 1980 s, effect and bring up a batch of "star" of contemporary art, which changed the pattern of Chinese art, also affected the oil painting was introduced into China but the year one hundred the picture in the development of the fine arts. In the west around 2010, appeared a for too "conceptualization" backwash of the art world, the rack art (including oil) begin to appear "quietly" in the western fine arts college, and present a good momentum of various kinds of oil painting.
For China, the oil painting always is the creation of fine arts. Academy of fine arts for a long time to the oil painting teaching and the creation, and will be the core plate "modelling" role in the fine arts education development. Prosperous market trading, also confirm the public demand for oil painting. Some small paintings, in particular, has been widely accepted by the middle class, oil painting has shop waiting for the appreciation of the investment is not only exist, but people decorate space ideal choice.
It is under the influence of the background both at home and abroad, such as organization in Beijing international art biennale,wholesale handmade oil painting for sale in china under the holding of a good picture and a bunch of ideas, what does light or heavy problems seem to have the answer. At this point, from inside the Chinese fine arts began a wave of reflection that seems to have few people concern, namely in the artistic creation techniques and concepts to be renewed. "Now we emphasize the idea of, in fact is not so important, the important is how to achieve them." Was widely spread from JinShangYi this point of view, it is not hard to see the role of technology in JinShangYi creation, and its new reveals, is the technology and the concept of a deeper questioning and reflection.
The return of the technology is the highest?
In JinShangYi new online conference, some netizens pointed out that its advocates "technical problems", signs or road blocks? The subtext of the Internet is that the technology of blindly stressed that the "small problems", while failing to convey ideas, eventually lead to oil painting into a dead end. In the arts world, people who hold the same view
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