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Sotheby $60 million early art master paintings auction closed mallet

Sotheby $60 million early art master paintings auction closed mallet
Young artists Pieter Brueghel, name: winter Flemish village slaughtered innocent, oil paintings, 122 x170 centimeters. Valuation: 2500000-3500000 pounds. Sale of 4633250 pounds
Tonight in London sales activities, sotheby's wholesale oil painting sale early master of art collection of oil paintings and Barbara Johnson masterpiece of Renaissance and baroque period, total sales reached 36022625 / $57917177 / on? 1645761, compared with the predicted value of 9222500-42470000 pounds, actual sales is a pleasant surprise. Early oil painting art master sales is 26134050 / $42018326 / on? 0213578, predicting products generate is on 24010000-34760000. As Barbara Johnson's collection on sums, 9888575 / $15898851 /? 1432183, higher than the valuation on 5212500-7710000. Barbara Johnson is art connoisseur, humanitarian and philanthropist, and Johnson and his wife jointly established pharmaceutical company. Barbara? Johnson's auction isn't over, there are some works auction tomorrow, tomorrow will be Barbara? Johnson's sales date. (estimates on 461370-461370)
Alexander Bell, vice chairman of the early art master of painting, at the end of the auction said "the auction tonight show that early art master of painting is a big potential market, we would be glad to have other moving works, such as whosale portrait painting, sculpture, baba radmanovic to collect works of art."
The highest price of early art master of painting is:
Young Pieter Brueghel, killing innocent - ideas of this famous work is his father want to come out, in this evening at the scene of the original oil painting's auction. This work has four people, become the best-selling works tonight, the last price on 4633250 / $7449339 /? $250-3.5 million, 456501, higher than expected.
Francisco Jose DE Goya Lucientes important equestrian portrait, y Don Manuel Godoy - library of the duke, sells for 2617250 / $4208015 / on? , 025803, less than $250-3.5 million. This is Spanish artist at auction to obtain the highest price.
Barbara Johnson collection of Renaissance and baroque period of classics
Barbara Johnson is one of the most spectacular sellers auction, he brought the auction market of oil painting, sculpture, furniture and works of art, the collection illustrates the Barbara? Johnson is judgment on the art collection. He selected works of Italian Renaissance early works, there are some schools from Spain, France, the Netherlands has the characteristics of the works.
Tonight there is a lot of highlight items:
Jusepe DE Ribera, at an auction sale much of the collection. His art at least seven potential buyers. The sale price higher than expected sales, on 3849250 / $6188824 /? , 450118.
The portrait of an aristocratic works, from the perspective of the clothing of characters in the picture that is Jean DE Dinteville. The painting has also attracted the bidder, at least four valuation. 200000-300000 pounds. Double higher than valuation.
Early master of art sculpture is the ancient hero baggio bandy marble busts, creation time may be the middle of the 16th century. Selling price is 657250 / $1056727 / on? 59847, within the predicted values on the 500000-800000.
To attract the attention of people furniture is a pair of Roman lapis lazuli and ash ebony inlaid ambry, from the late 17th century, sell on 211250 / $349295 /? 51163, higher than estimated on 120000-180000
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more than 541 million art yuan
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