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Evaluation of Yin oil painting art: turn dark light

Evaluation of Yin oil painting art: turn dark light
In Yin all of creation, the portrait is almost the only passage to the everyday world, at the same time, he also a hidden clue - since he wholesale oil painting rise from the turn of the century, constitutes a "positive" image himself with clues, paradise lost, "the myth", "utopia" and so on several major series, the figure depicts the among them are also occupied large proportion, they tend to be placed in a strong narrative conflict, telling the pain of adolescence, personal heroism and idealism fervor, as well as the social change of the collective lost; The characters have obvious symbol of the level of psychology feeling, though it is not a lack of detail, full of appeal is not the reality of concrete, the performance of living -- the fairy drama actor of "paradise lost", "the myth" is similar to the man of Sisyphus or nietzschean "superman" avatar, "utopia" in the crowd in the square, like worm fine not argue; In other words, these a few the characters in the series is one of the important carrier, he used to convey the theme but inevitably has the nature of symbolization, the painter to their strong sense of subjectivity and theme enveloped them.
In contrast, the portrait of his though too ambitious, but not carefully in the construction of a topic, here, the relative ease the emergence of a middle ground, opposition and conflict gives way to review and observation, the outbreak of the oil painting supplier phased focused to continue walking, in spite of all the charge to introspection; Here, he promised that the friendship and affection and weak, also promised to the tolerance, ambiguity and chaos, although the picture is still missing is close in everyday situations, but the characteristics of the object itself, the breath of real life and the power of time, through the sharp he self construction and heavy positive image, open to us an even more inner truth.
Light from the character in front of the upper, character stood abruptly, with naked body is opposite the audience, it looks as if to accept a trial, indeed, the sort of pale light of torture importance: is able to survive under harsh pressure? Is already lost ideal and passion? Have black and blue? Drab focuses on the background of the atmosphere of the torture, every petty and weakness of the inner characters seem to was thoroughly now, in the light in such harsh atmosphere, everyone may feel just is the support of his own body on the earth - in fact, Yin portraits of the past about can tumble in the light of the torture, they echoed his fanatical the theme of heroism and idealism, and in his most recent work, the characters (including himself) is under the "light" of an already turned dark, accept new look: the lens is pushed closer together, their huge face almost cover the whole screen, each hair were declared itself seems to be hard, but they no longer have the outline of blade with a sharp feeling, but a loose, everyday, they face took on a trapped in a puzzle of stiff, slow and uncertainty... What they reveal, is not he used to work in the bright light was forced to the folding of the shrinkage, reveals a fierce survival instinct, and against the will of the typical facial expression, but as a member of the beings of the helpless, dim and intrigue, and the eyes of his self-portrait, how much is revealed personal increasingly abandoned for real tough fight back position, turn in silence to bear, examine and patience, at the same time, also seems to be haunted by internal memory.
However, absolute idealism has become a dream of debris, became has distant background; Time constant, on the other hand, devouring life itself, in the double pressure from reality and nature and sadness, what would be the real save and comfort? As part of the liberation, Yin chose for the front of the "ambiguous" accept, at least, not as in the past as opposites, enemies and evil. At the beginning of such a process, it seems that he is gradually put the "I", and is likely to get strong reflection, comes from the past the binary antagonism thinking, simplifies the emotion to break out, and the production pattern of the world to show more depth of human nature and our complex and special circumstances
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