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Shanghai gallery "happiness grows,southern oil painting exhibition"

Shanghai gallery "happiness grows,southern oil painting exhibition"
Sponsored by the Shanghai art museum "happy growth, southern oil painting exhibition" will be opened on March 12, 2010 afternoon, academic family portrait painting chair Yang Weimin exhibition, exhibition young painter famous southern masterpiece nearly 30 pictures in recent years. Was born in 1976 in the south, is the young teen, university academy of fine arts painting professional. Graduate with excellent writing and teaches. In recent years, with modern children show and high-profile south, south the study of art is multidirectional. Ancient palace art and folk art into his field of vision at the same time, the studio have on the wall of the song dynasty court play baby figure autumn "page, and from the year more than children's image in the New Year pictures. He focus on various visual art resources is also very rich, even in the studio with his collection of X-ray images. Child as the past few years, he has been painting, but his efforts to prove that because of his art and life thinking deep and broad, picture extremely rich connotation and tension, not because of the relatively stable and make the theme of the pale and simple picture. On the contrary, is in the topic, deeply exploit emotion more purified in southern picture, language more mastery, also makes the south excellent reputation in the world of art.
Southern oil painting, of course, happiness is in the form of a picture. He control of tall lightness color and characters of simple couple portrait painting and childish, and image expression. All of which are decided by his inner psychological interest. On this subject, he is constantly trying new forms, as much as possible in order to achieve the perfection of performance. Discussed in the picture, the picture CheFu also widened, with the impact of the challenges and enhance the visual expression of inertia. Child is just one of his artistic pursuit of natural selection, new artistic outlook also will appear natural. And in such a growing country in China, represented by the south out in, when they were given a concrete analysis of the contemporary artists, will also become more important. No anxiety, and no fickleness, their art more represents a new direction of this era
of primitive simplicity and sensitive and oil painting moving characteristics of youth is wonderful fusion, make the nature conservancy oil paintings council, the son of the sun, coruscate gives a peculiar oil painting charm.
The exhibition will last until March 18
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