Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nature conservancy council oil painting exhibition,son of the sun can is art center

Nature conservancy council oil painting exhibition,son of the sun can is art center
Today at 3 PM, the nature conservancy council custom oil painting exhibition, the sun, son of the opening in the center of the Beijing 798 art zone can is art. This exhibition is not professional art academy graduate from nature conservancy council's first solo exhibition in Beijing, a total of nearly 30 painting works on display. His difference is that: with the current "cartoon", "anime" is very different.
As a young artists born in the late eighty s, the nature conservancy council on artistic path clearly is a pioneer in peers. Under the background of special education college of art in China, the age and the age of the aesthetic system of college art entanglements, even with perfect artistic talent, talented young people are also often in the personal stirring experiences of youth, pure and intense social ideas, and the oil painting reproductions language of the rebellious and addiction experiment between hard to explore the personal orientation of art, and the nature conservancy council is through the exhibition show us a different aspect.
He used a kind of color, with the appearance of primitive simplicity, rich and gaudy, rugged tattooed and youthful faces full of vigorous, create your own unique facebook youth, has a lean, inverted triangular face, elongated, always positive cheng, long hair, and made of the contrast between the strong color piece straightforward tattooed. Mysterious atmosphere of the spirit of of primitive simplicity and sensitive and oil painting moving characteristics of youth is wonderful fusion, make the nature conservancy oil paintings council, the son of the sun, coruscate gives a peculiar oil painting charm.
The exhibition will last until March 18
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