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Painter,chairman of China oil painting society ZhanJianJun beginning colleague cordial called jen

Painter,chairman of China oil painting society ZhanJianJun beginning colleague cordial called jen
. The height of the met, no matter what the occasion he absolutely compelling, grace is never forgets anything. Mr Chan has a peculiar custom oil painting to the era intellectuals elegant gentleman temperament. Elegant leisurely and comfortable wearing elegant and delicate household decoration, everywhere manifests the artist's attention to detail and the pursuit of taste. The 79 - year - old ZhanJianJun still spend a lot of time every day to oil painting, art on his part, is a lifelong career and love, the interview is in his painting. This year is the 15th anniversary of the founding of China oil painting society, as the President of China oil painting society, ZhanJianJun is called YouHuaJie banner. About YouHuaJie past, his clarity, to talk.
Reporter: "huangshan painting art seminar" in 1985, the Chinese artists association established the first professional painting type oil painting writer, you at that time was the director of oil painting art committee, would you please introduce some of the situation.
ZhanJianJun: "before meeting" huangshan, basic oil painting art is in a state of realism monolith, the style of art style is relatively single. "Huangshan meeting" during the early reform and opening up, various art ideological trend to arrive youth art group was founded in succession, under the changes the custom portrait painting appearance of numerous and complicated, where to go for Chinese art produced quite a few artists lost and confused. So oil painting writer was set up, the first thing is to be held in Beijing the first session of the national oil painting workshop, conditions on the development of Chinese oil painting has carried on the thorough discussion. We were clearly put forward to their own faith, to shoulder to create a "national characteristics, time spirit and personality characteristics of Chinese oil painting art's efforts to target. Three days of meetings, promoted the exchanges and communication between the young artists and the older generation, the participating artists basic unified view, the prospects for the development of Chinese oil painting is full of hope. In 1987, writer and organizations hosted the first China oil painting exhibition of oil paintings, it is also a special exhibition of Chinese oil painting art the first ever national, there emerge a number of different styles in the exhibition of outstanding works, some very talented artists began to come to the attention of the art world.
Reporter: in the 2000 years or so, have you ever in a series of academic conference, clearly put forward "walk the road of independent innovation of Chinese oil painting", "Chinese school" consciously build oil painting art academic position. Because of the oil painting is the foreign painting type, it should be said that these ideas are very avant-garde idea at the time
male center. Feminist art expressed his oil painting indignation is right, but is also easy to get lost in the oil painting dualism of men and oil paintings women oil painting modernism. As a male artists, if  standing on the position of assumption of feminism,  obviously very  reluctantly, embarrassment and oil painting china doubt.

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