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Variety of ideology and values at same time into oil painting art phenomenon

Variety of ideology and values at same time into oil painting art phenomenon
Our traditional values and culture sight by the strong impact. Traditional forms of national culture and China's unique cultural character wedding portrait painting and spiritual pursuit, are marginalised and digestion. The commercial operation of western contemporary mass culture in developing countries not only exclude regional culture, at the same time, again with vulgar interest caused culture character and mental quality of slide. Contemporary international art scene of ideas, east and west artists facing many perplexities and shocks. Especially in the west in the inevitability of the ideological trend of contemporary art activities, art concepts and results not recognized are excluded from the contemporary art, the concept of the contemporary art is a monopoly. Oil painting art in China we fall in love to shorten the development gap with the western art, consciously or unconsciously accept the west's idea and the pattern, it promoted the progress of oil painting art in our country, on the one hand to make our oil painting has made to the modernity and diversification of development, on the other hand also led to the western art trends and patterns of popular in our country.
If, in the last century due to the needs of the development of their own culture, we actively to the western learning, so, today, when we have a basic understanding and mastering the western oil painting art from classical to contemporary after pet portrait painting all the requirements and characteristics, we try to the center of gravity of the state should learn from the focus on western culture, conversion to develop and create their own modern culture should be based on domestic, based on the country's cultural needs, committed to the national characteristics of formation of Chinese oil painting, establish the status of our Chinese oil painting in the world, a voice. The painter to go deep into the age we live in life, rooted in the real life of the soil, truly create with distinctive ethnic characteristics, national style, the spirit of Chinese oil painting, oil painting art of the Chinese school consciously constructed. It should be said that these claims are generated based on the present situation of Chinese oil painting art, conform to the actual condition of the development of Chinese oil painting, objectively promoted the further development of Chinese oil painting.
Reporter: China oil painting society until now, has evolved from a self-raised funds of civil society, the development of China YouHuaJie a authority, a trust, has a larger social influence of the academic organization. What do you think it can quickly grow and what is the cause of the recognised by painters?
ZhanJianJun: it is based on the reality, based on the academic, academic leading the advance of the oil painting art. It should be said that the society is made up of the focus on the development of Chinese oil painting painter, organized by academic is the soul of the organization. In order to better work, we from the beginning of establishment of society, is always establish the close contact with theorists, and some famous domestic theorists itself is the core of society members. Because of a clear academic goals, in accordance with the requirements for academic work closely, all academic goals as the basis points, to plan and organize activities, to do with the painter consensus, all over the unity of the nation's oil painting forces.
Reporter: all these years painting learn to plan, organize a lot of high level of exhibition, do you think what positive role to promote the development of Chinese oil painting?
ZhanJianJun: learn from its inception to plan, hosted the first China oil painting society show ". Since then, has hosted the "Chinese oil painting portrait art exhibition one hundred", "contemporary Chinese landscape painting, landscape oil painting exhibition" "the spirit and character -- Chinese contemporary realism oil painting exhibition" "image dialogue: Chinese oil painting, and claboratestyle, ink portrait art exhibition", "development and fusion, Chinese modern oil painting exhibition" and so on more than 10 theme exhibitions
male center. Feminist art expressed his oil painting indignation is right, but is also easy to get lost in the oil painting dualism of men and oil paintings women oil painting modernism. As a male artists, if  standing on the position of assumption of feminism,  obviously very  reluctantly, embarrassment and oil painting china doubt.

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