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When real be used as a fake sale is what kind of mood?introduction to oil painting appraisal

When real be used as a fake sale is what kind of mood?introduction to oil painting appraisal
Have a news about the treasure sale again recently, 60 years old British men Dixon and sister will find a picture of a signature in the custom oil painting ancestral home of 17 years ago titian 3.7 million pounds worth of oil painting for 8000 pounds too cheaply. Titian's salome the work and the head of st John the Baptist, is the work of the Italian Renaissance master titian. From 2004 to 2004, it was used as one of titian's works, in the city of Edinburgh, Vienna, Austria and multiple exhibition on display in the city of Venice, Italy. It was not until 2001 that the real value of the painting to the surface. Because the painting was sold to the city of milan, Italy private collectors luigi colli, colli g through the identification and the study found that the painting was a picture of a lost titian authentic. Recently, feel yourself become "beautiful" the sister angry who came for this painting done to identify the Christie's auction house to British courts, for huge compensation. The Supreme Court had planned 24 in the case trial, but before that, self-induction indefensible of auction held talks, and the sister "an out-of-court settlement", and reached a considerable auction house promised to pay for it.
So in daily life, for the relevant work of realism oil painting art investors, or some oil painting collection lovers, how can you identify some of the stand or fall of oil painting with authenticity? The following points for your reference:
The first: learn about the painter's background, style characteristics of works of different periods.
Second: see authority published early works album or authority works for the exhibition.
Third: to observe the degree of oxidation of its frame, canvas, paints, signature sequence.
Fourth: to understand the backgrounds of the citations and sold to work.
The third point is mainly involved in dating problem, its importance is that it can avoid collectors commit low-level errors.
Modern people false oil painting masters do basically has the following categories:
The first: a new copy.
Second: the new copy after do old quickly, the old smoke YouZi spray a little dilute on the canvas frame, shaking old beams on earth again.
Third: old, slow do after new copy will canvas exposure to sunlight, watered again old reed for three days.
Fourth: high imitation, is the original painting the original frame of the old oil painting after paint removal by the master of the new picture.
Fifth: the old painting after add money.
Of article 5 of the collector should note that some of the old oil painting which is added after the original author,.
To want to achieve a higher level of identification level, then you should not only picked up a brush to paint it a few years, and to further study of painting materials, aesthetics, and art history at home and abroad; Always grasp the market of oil painting is also very important, when you encounter the seller offered half true not false weigh more easily, when the price of the sellers do not understand or works not true or for other reasons.
Collection circle with jian said leakage, the story is much also, collectors can found leakage is every happy moment, but can't pick leakage as the main way of own collection, imagine a guy jian leaks, every day to pick leakage, also known as they have a super good luck, he should be more rational thinking is, are those who have decades of experience in collection of veteran can't be hid, difficult is not the people who deliver the books to you every day do not really lack the mind's eye. (from: the extraction and old paintings identification)
As a matter of fact, it's a fake seems to have art market lingering shadow, when the solution really placed in front of our eyes, however, the market has showed the complex emotions. A few years ago with a nuclear blast new technology for the identification of oil painting, but a lot of people are with resistance to the technology. Many collectors and dealers even dare not go, because they are afraid of what they hide a fake betray oneself. In fact, there have been too many interests with a fake tightly bound together
male center. Feminist art expressed his oil painting indignation is right, but is also easy to get lost in the oil painting dualism of men and oil paintings women oil painting modernism. As a male artists, if  standing on the position of assumption of feminism,  obviously very  reluctantly, embarrassment and oil painting china painting doubt.

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