Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chen says about modern oil painting art market is not perfect place

Chen says about modern oil painting art market is not perfect place
The world famous art, head of the fund, the auction house Christie's former chief executive officer phil anschutz Hoffman (Philip Hoffman), said the situation now is if you are good enough, you bought a picture in 15 years is entirely supply oil painting possible value-added 100 times. Another American art collectors Manhattan Sue Stoffel said their collections price has risen by 100 times, but she also thinks "rise is only just beginning.
Artist ai weiwei said, from $2007 in turnover Numbers, since around 2000, the overall assessment of the value for Chinese art market at home and abroad, rose by about 100 times; A couple of years ago, China has only a few icon work attention, now already can use "blossoming" to describe. Different kinds of contact between the Chinese and foreign artists and the exchange, but also an unprecedented active.
One of the most important art gallery in all countries of the world in to contemporary Chinese artists exhibition at the invitation of fine arts of the most important critics commenting on their works. This scene, we Chinese films in the late 1980 s and 90 s Chinese literature has also seen: the movie is zhang yimou, Chen kaige, jiang wen, literature of gao xingjian, ha jin, mo yan. Art in the field of "Chinese century" really come? Southern offer oil painting weekend interview Chen.
Didn't have clay sand to, now, "the burden of"
Reporter: you HuaJia is so high now, aren't you glad?
Chen: I don't know what should face. Happy is the person who sold up. Auction is the business of business, the media should have interview for buyers.
Artists poor when no one asked, had little money, will be focused on. The painting on the market is roughly outflow to before. Zhang Xiaogang, yue minjun, ten years ago may be thousands of pieces, it into millions of millions of today. How much money do you statistics painter made from the Internet, in fact this artist with their own income is not the same thing
male center. Feminist art expressed his oil painting indignation is right, but is also easy to get lost in the oil painting dualism of men and oil paintings women oil painting modernism. As a male artists, if  standing on the position of assumption of feminism,  obviously very  reluctantly, embarrassment and oil painting china painting doubt.

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