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Exhibited in the 20th century Chinese oil painting exhibition in one hundred in the history

Exhibited in the 20th century Chinese oil painting exhibition in one hundred in the history
, on the same platform to show the Chinese oil painting into China and generations of oil painters in the unremitting efforts, China's land, sort out and study the development of Chinese oil painting in one hundred, the stage of Chinese oil painting development stages, for the history and status quo of Chinese oil painting provides a complete and objective basis. Respectively in 1998 and 2005 two session of "Chinese landscape painting, landscape oil painting exhibition" have clear academic subjects and family portrait painting grand scale, is the first time the east of western art comparison Angle large art exhibition of contemporary Chinese culture. Activities to promote the simultaneous development of both art and learn from each other, for the oil painting art how to draw nutrition from Chinese traditional culture, to make it more with Chinese characteristics, and ultimately rooted in the soil of Chinese culture has played a positive role in catalytic. Again as in 2005 at the "up and down the river -- a retrospective of Chinese oil painting in the new period", focusing on the new period are worth to promote the development of Chinese oil painting since 250 representative works, comprehensively and objectively shows the "cultural revolution" since the Chinese painter hard exploration results. Surge after 30 years of Chinese oil painting art and trend change, through constant reflection, breakthrough, finally find the correct custom oil painting road of development, become the indispensable important constituent parts of Chinese contemporary culture.
Reporter: oil painting to learn what new strategy will be this year?
ZhanJianJun: program held in the second half of the year "oil painting art and contemporary society, the Chinese oil painting exhibition". Held the exhibition is based on the requirement of the development of The Times, Chinese oil painting of contemporary Chinese society to further concern. It should not only reflect the contemporary social life, by the works more deeply the spirit of the contemporary social level, and the closely relates in together, makes the artistic creation of contemporary social mental representation and important part of contemporary Chinese spiritual world, further make the Chinese oil painting has a more profound humanistic spirit, thus more strongly the performance in today's society new changes, reflect the spirit, at the same time more efficiently in the content and form of Chinese oil painting art characteristics. This requires Chinese painter in painting under the premise of artistic expression, with a new perspective on contemporary social life as a deep observation and performance, the Chinese oil painting has more times; Give full play to the oil painting art charm, the introduction of modern aesthetic concept and visual experience; In the form of oil painting language level, and further explore and improve the expressive force of local cultural characteristics, carry forward the art originality.
Moreover, China is now the mainstream painting small influence abroad, today the overall condition of Chinese oil painting, Chinese oil painting art achievement so good, but can't see abroad. In order to make China's mainstream paintings in the international art field to display, we also hope to be able to to independently launch our overseas oil painting and painters, to expand the influence of Chinese oil painting in the overseas. Now the idea has been supported by relevant parties. Believe that the development of Chinese oil painting will be better and better
male center. Feminist art expressed his oil painting indignation is right, but is also easy to get lost in the oil painting dualism of men and oil paintings women oil painting modernism. As a male artists, if  standing on the position of assumption of feminism,  obviously very  reluctantly, embarrassment and oil painting china doubt.

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